Welcome to JUST HOT DOGS!

The truly Chicago Style Hot Dog featuring Vienna Beef Hot Dogs, STEAMED Sesame Seed Buns and topped with a generous amount of our own Fresh (never frozen) French Fries. We're located in Westminster, California next to PEP BOYS.

JUST HOT DOGS is the vision of Walter Scott, a Chicago transplant who had this dream of opening a Chicago Style Hot Dog location for over 20 years. Called a “Serial Entrepreneur” by the Orange County Register, Walter sold his most recent company, retired, then un-retired to pursue this Hot Dog Dream.

So visit this first location, more to come, and watch our menu grow. Soon to be added “Italian Beef” sandwich and of course, Chicago Style.


The Toppings!!!!

The Hot Dog, made in Chicago by Vienna Beef, is a steamed all Beef Hot Dog topped with Yellow Mustard, “Neon” green Relish, Onions, Tomato wedges, Sport Peppers, a dash of Celery Salt served in the all-important Steamed Poppy Seed Bun AND, most importantly, topped with Fresh cut (never frozen) French Fries.

………never Ketchup, Mayonnaise or Sauerkraut.

Vienna Hot Dogs & Buns

JUST HOT DOGS uses only Vienna Hot Dogs and Buns which are flown in fresh from Chicago. The buns are steamed as well (they get a slight “dimple” look for the best Hot Dog results.

So, that's it…..a Chicago Hot Dog is a Vienna Beef Hot dog, Steamed Buns with the right ingredients, all topped with the those freshly cut (never frozen) French Fries.

Our Cooks

Our well trained and experienced cooks are the experts in the production, preparation and presentation of our food.

Visit us again….we’re expanding soon our menu to include Italian Beef sandwiches….another Chicago Style meal.

Our Menu

We have perfected the art of efficiency in the kitchen. So, despite the fact that we begin to make your meal when you order it, you still get it fast.

Our fresh menu, variety and service standards are the foundation of everything we do.

Our Menu